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Online Coaching

A bespoke 1-1 coaching service based entirely online, allowing you to train anywhere, any time. This service is ideal for anyone who is looking to maximise their results and remove guesswork from their training, while maintaining full flexibility with their training schedule. 

You'll gain access to your own training app where you'll be able to view your tailored programming, along with instructional videos for your exercises. On top of that, you'll receive weekly video reviews of your training from your coach, to ensure you're using the best techniques and exercises for you, and to help keep you engaged and accountable.


Also included in this service is unlimited direct contact with your coach via WhatsApp, meaning you can navigate any challenges and update your training in real-time. 



We believe that achieving your fitness goals is about more than just lifting weights, it's about transforming your mindset, body, and life.


Our personalised coaching for weightlifting goes beyond sets and reps; it's about empowering you to unlock your full potential. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced lifter striving for elite performance, our tailored approach ensures that every session is optimised to maximise your progress.


With expert guidance, customised programming, and unwavering support, we're here to help you reach new heights and conquer your fitness journey with confidence. Let's unleash your winning total performance together.

Heavy Lifting

Competition Handling

At Winning Total Performance, we understand the importance of effective competition handling in the world of powerlifting. Our dedicated team is committed to providing athletes with the tools and support they need to excel on the platform.


Whether it's strategising the perfect warm-up routine, offering mental preparation techniques, or providing technical advice, we're here to help athletes navigate the challenges of competition with confidence. With our personalised approach and focus on maximising performance, we empower athletes to reach their full potential and achieve their winning total.


Trust Winning Total Performance to elevate your competition experience and set you on the path to success in powerlifting.

Competition Handling
Personal Training


We recognise the paramount significance of nutrition in the journey of weightlifters. A balanced and tailored diet doesn't just fuel your workouts; it's the cornerstone of your progress and performance. Optimal nutrition ensures that your body receives the essential nutrients to build and repair muscle, sustain energy levels, and recover efficiently.


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, understanding the role of nutrition can make all the difference in achieving your goals. Trust us to guide you towards a nutrition plan that maximises your potential and propels you towards victory.

Green Smoothies
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