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Ash 160kg Deadlift

Premium online and in-person coaching services for lifters who want to join a supportive community, grow their mindset, and improve their training.

About Us
Luke at 349 Barbell


I started WTP with the goal of bringing my absolute best coaching services to as many people as possible. I've spent over a decade honing my craft, and in that time I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people from all walks of life.

I've worked with people who've never set foot in a gym before, through to seasoned gym veterans. I've taken people from their first competition all the way through to setting powerlifting world records. Now, I want to help you achieve your gym goals.

I believe strength training can benefit anyone, and everyone deserves to learn the best way to utilise strength training to their advantage. Whatever your goal, I want to hear from you and I want to help you.

- Luke

"Luke is one of the single most incredible and supportive coaches you will ever meet. He has put the work in to get to know exactly what makes me tick as an athlete, to tailor every session and rep to me personally making sure I achieve my best."

- Chloe Brown

Work With WTP


Chloe Bench Press

Online Coaching

A coaching service based completely online, making it perfect for anyone that wants the full coaching experience whilst maintaining flexibility of both location and schedule.

This service includes full programming, video reviews, WhatsApp support, and more.

In-person Coaching

1-1 or small group coaching sessions for a more hands-on training experience. Perfect for anyone that needs extra help with their technique, motivation, or accountability.

Sessions will be held at Fitness First, Basingstoke. Membership is not required.

Competition Handling

For athletes that are competing in either a Powerlifting or Weightlifting competition, and need a coach with them for extra help on the day. 

WTP can help with guiding warm ups, making proper attempt selections, keeping a strong mindset, and more.

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